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Omni F-6L3 is a race-inspired three-speed automatic transmission, designed to overcome the speed and gradeability limitations in current electric powertrain designs. The F-6L3 gear shift mechanism is a departure from the classic automatic transmission, eliminating power sapping hydraulic systems and friction-based synchronizers. Transmission control logic uses precision sensors to pinpoint the exact position of gear alignment, minimizing harshness during gear shifting.


Rated to 600Nm /8000rpm input, the F-6L3 is designed for medium sized buses, ground service vehicles, vans, trucks, and other fleet vehicles. The gears are designed with a full range of interchangeable ratios, which can be selected to provide the best mix of performance at low and high speeds.


Available Ratios

4.79 4.40 4.06 3.76 3.50 3.26 3.05
2.86 2.68 2.52 2.38 2.24 2.115 2.000
1.893 1.793 1.700 1.613 1.531 1.455 1.382
1.314 1.250 1.189 1.132 1.077 1.025  


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