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DIAN Racing unveils the DRe17




Brief Intro: On the afternoon of the seventh of August 2017, the 'DIAN, never stop' DIAN Racing rollout event, the DRe17 car was unveiled in the Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center of Tongji University, receiving universal praise from the audience.


Professor Zhang Tong, director of the Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center of Tongji University and chief faculty advisor of DIAN Racing, every sponsor of DIAN Racing, some companies' delegates and medias were all present. As the diamond sponsor of the team, 2 representatives of our company attend the event.


DIAN Racing is composed of students with various majors from different countries, with Prof. Zhang Tong, chairman of Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center as chief adviser. Their wide arrays of expertise provide a powerful learning experience and a high quality team. In the long term, the team is aiming at high-standard racecar design and project management.




Our company has relationship with the DIAN Racing since 2014, our Logo always shining in their car, and we also technically support the team. Our engineers help them solving the problems of gearbox technology, and we also fully supported the parts processing work for the latest season racing car.



On the rollout, after the hostess introduction, Prof. Zhang delivered a welcome speech that conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the guests and the sponsors' presence and hopes to the DIAN Racing students. After that, the team captain made a team report about the racing car that would be unveiled on the rollout event, the DRe17. During the presentation, he also expressed his wish to have a long lasting cooperation with the sponsors, the media partners and everyone who love DIAN Racing.


The highlight of the afternoon was when the new car model was unveiled by Prof. Zhang Tong and three diamond sponsor delegates, receiving a warm applause by the audience. The diamond sponsors of DIAN Racing in 2017 season are Shanghai Omni Gear Co., Ltd.,Volkswagen Group China, and Schaeffler.




All the guests took a DIAN Family photo together afterwards. During the tea break, the guests gathered around the DRe17 and had warm communication with each other and hot discussion about the DRe17.They took photos with the car and the team members for a good piece of memory as well.


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