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Omni Gear & 5-Axis Machining


5-Axis CNC machine is a high-tech, high-precision machine specifically for complex surfaces; this machine has a significant influence in aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment industry, etc. Equipment manufacturing industry is a cornerstone of the country's industry, which provides important tools for the new technology, new product development and modern industrial production; It is an indispensable strategic industry. Even in the developed industrialized countries, it is also highly valued.


In order to improve processing efficiency and production levels, our company also introduced Matsuura vertical 5-axis machining center, MX-850. So far, the machine has been installed in the fourth building and personnel training have been completed.


In the next period of time, we'll apparatus for the latest products, such as F6R housing and cover as well as some monolithic materials to engraving. For this reason we have chosen a high-quality accessories, such as tool holders, tool.


What are the advantages of five-axis machine?


1. The three-axis CNC machine tools cannot or difficult to complete processing in one clamping continuous smooth free-form surfaces. Such as aircraft engines and turbine blades, ship with the propeller, and many have special surfaces and complex cavities, holes and shell mold, etc., Due to its tool relative to the workpiece pose angle can not be changed in the process, some of the processing complex free curved surface, it may interfere or under processing.
While using five-axis machining, since the posture angle of the tool and the workpiece can be adjusted at any time in the process, you can avoid the interference of the tool and the workpiece can be a fixture to complete all processing.


2. Improve the spatial precision, quality and efficiency. For example, while using three-axis machining complex surfaces, we often use ball milling which is point contact forming, and cutting efficiency is low, and the tool and the workpiece posture angle in the process can not be adjusted, it is difficult to ensure that the general cutting with the best cutting point (ie, the linear velocity of the ball head highest point) on the ball-cutter, and there may be the case of the cutting point falls on the ball head cutter linear velocity equal to zero rotation center line.
The use of five-axis machining, the tool and the workpiece due to the posture angle adjustable at any time, not only to avoid this from happening, but also can always take advantage of optimum cutting point of the tool for cutting or molding line contact spiral end mill instead of forming the contact point of the ball end mill, and even can be further optimized posture angle of the tool and the workpiece to be milled, resulting in higher cutting speed, cutting width, that is, higher cutting efficiency and better surface quality.


3. In addition, the use of five-axis machining also reduce cost, especially the cost of the tool, a lot less time axis machining necessary special tools, to reduce the number of the tool. Tool clamping can also be greatly improved, a lot of time can be shortened tool clamping length reduces vibration knife may improve tool life.


Development of the product range

With the advantages of 5-axis CNC machining center, the future company product range can also be increased, and it is the solution and the only processing means of the impeller blades, marine propellers, heavy-duty generator rotor, the turbine rotor, a large diesel engine crankshaft.
In general, the introduction of five-axis machine tools, not only improve efficiency, but also in line with the future development trend of CNC machining, which is to achieve better results in the future!


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