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FE Technology Plan Open, China Racing Cooperate with Omni Gear



Formula E is called the future of the new Formula One races, which completed his first race in Beijing two months ago and the attendant issue will be how to achieve long-term development plan for the future.
By definition the official website: "FE represents the vision of the automobile industry in the coming decades; as a framework for the development of electric vehicles, speed up public interest in the promotion of electric vehicles and sustainable." If all teams use the exact same car as in the first session and there is no technological development throughout the year, it is clearly unable to complete this mission.
Therefore, in accordance with FIA President Jean - Todd and FE boss Alejandro Agag’s plan, from the second season, the technology restrictions will be cancelled, and teams are allowed to cooperate with different vendors, to introduce new technology and promote electric vehicle technology competition, especially development of battery technology. In short, FE is not a replica of A1, but do another F1, although it has a long way to go.
Recently, an internal document about FE technology plan came up to me. The document is a three-year planning table. Except for tires, the whole FE racing cars was split into 15 sub-items. According to information as we know, from next year, seven sub-items have decided to release the technical limitations and each team is allowed to do technical development within the framework.
These seven sub-items includes: motor and converter, gearbox, ECU, data acquisition, data bus, the steering wheel, the brake system. According to Liu Di FE,Chinese team technician, revealed that almost all F1 manufactures will join in, in addition to the Mercedes - Benz.


Here, we will focus on the gearbox sub-item.

Gearbox is an important sub-item that FE intended to release next year. The first season FE use continuous Hewland 5-speed gearbox. In accordance with regulatory requirements, if the team decided to change the gearbox suppliers providers, the existing rear crash safety structure, and empennage installation point must be kept. Seamless gearbox like F1 is prohibited, while only two materials, magnesium and aluminate can be used.


About Chinese team

After the technology open, plan of FE Chinese team become the focus of our attention. FE Chinese team currently has a technology partner on the gearbox called Omni Gear, which is an US company specialized in gear.



(Omni Gear will submit technical proposals to TCR for the 2015 powertrain; it will be up to TCR to determine what powertrain they desire to use.
Our proposal, will include the complete powertrain system; gearbox, motor, controller, cooling system, 12V battery system, new software.
TCR strongly desires our involvement. We proved at Putrajaya that Omni Gear (and our partners) are capable of significantly improving the performance of the 2014 car, and have a deep understanding of powertrain design applicable to the 2015 car. )


We will follow up in real time about FE cooperation between the Chinese team and suppliers. Chinese team’s attitude is welcome to cooperate with domestic manufacturers.
(Excerpt from Sina Sports October 30, 2014)


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