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Standard Review



In the Nov, the company received two standard audits, one is the ISO 9001 standard auditing from SGS on Nov.12nd-14th, and another is work safety standardization audit on Nov. 21st. Under the support of leadership of the company's management and the efforts of the team members, the company successfully passed the audit and received a high score in the work safety standardization audit. In addition, the company will also obtain formal certification of ISO9001 standard in middle of next month.

Without the efforts of all the employees, the company will not achieve the good result in the audits. Here, we sincerely appreciate your hard work in your respective positions.
Meanwhile, the company has been adhering to the quality standards to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, which require we continued to operate in accordance with ISO9001 standards, according to the safe operation process. We hope that we can continue to maintain the current good working style, work with full enthusiasm and attitude, pay attention to production safety protection, and create a higher quality products and service to our customers. Let us work together to make the company become the industry leader!


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