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2019 Shanghai Omni Gear Annual Banquet


         Time passed away quickly, year 2018 has gone quietly, and the new 2019 is also coming. On January 19th, 2019, all employees of the company gathered together to celebrate the annual banquet of the company in 2019 and the recognition conference in 2018. We reviewed the past year, thanks to all the staff of the company's hard work, and looking forward to the company's future.




This year's annual banquet is much more magnificent than before, and many suppliers and business partners participated in. At the beginning of the banquet, colleagues from Houston and GB Italy sent their New Year greetings and wishes to us in Chinese, which warmed the hearts of every employee. Colleagues who only have mail communication with them took the change to have a glimpse of their true style.



      The annual banquet is composed of awards, programs, games and lucky draw. The diversified performances of songs, dances, skits and three-and-half sentences show the elegant demeanor of our employees. From lively opening dance performed by the ladies, there are lots of programs. Four young men from the quality department brought a three-and-half sentence, using traditional Chinese art techniques, merge the company's business development and staff’s life into the performance, and won everyone's praise! Sketch "urge marriage" , as 2019 is the year of pig, pig BA JIE, also bring everyone happy. Foreign expert also brought us a performance of his lifetime of study - upside down drinking. The whole performance ended with our extensive and profound in China, taiji performance, which reflected the diversified culture of the company.



          In terms of awards, the company set the name of the awards from planets this year, which coincides with the hot New Year film “stray earth”. In order to encourage the hard work of frontline employees, the number of star employees this year increased to seven, while there are bamboo, super women, busy man and other awards. With all the awards find their awardees; the company's annual banquet 2019 came to a happy end. 2019 will be a new starting point for Omni Gear and Magelec. Let's go forward hand in hand and work together to create a better 2019.




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