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Development Methodology


The Omni Gear method takes a holistic creative approach.  Our passion for technology draws elements from physical kinesiology & material science to robotic control systems, respectful understanding of current powertrain design, then craft these elements into new systems for tomorrow's powertrain.  Then we create, simulate and test, with a single minded goal to innovate efficiency, power density, safety and durability.  Proof is in the results.


>Electric Powertrain

>Application Data


>Bearing Loads

>Service Support



Advanced Research, Virtual Development


Nonlinear quantitative analysis of powertrain methodology and innovations, future focus, creating conceptual powertrain proposals for further study, more...



Simulation Based Design Studies


Vehicle performance and duty cycle analysis, reaction force studies optimizing gear ratio and chassis performance,  FMEA virtual analysis, more...



Gear Mesh Design


KissSys and Romax based gear analysis of endurance, shock loading, harmonics,         lubrication and vehicle operation, more...



Electronic  Control  Systems                      


Software engineering, validation, verification, embedded system development, circuit design via dSpace®, Simulink Stateflow and simulation, more...


Mechatronic Systems                     


Intelligent machine control and safety protocols begin with integration of electronic sensors and signal processing.  More...


Rapid Prototyping                       


5 axis milling, stereoliphographic printing, dedicated prototype production capabilities, first generation units from drawings to components in day, not weeks; more...


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