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We proactively design, develop and manufacturer Omni Gear® power transmissions and gearboxes that meet or exceed our customer’s quality and performance objectives



Our Responsibility - Quality:  Our customers may depend upon Omni Gear to deliver dependable powertrain and components that provide enduring dependability, safety and lasting value.

One Family – Teamwork:  Each of us contributes to our success and the creation of innovation and value for our customers and shareholders.

To Be Clear – Communication:  Our customers, suppliers and affiliates depend upon our timely communication regarding quality, safety, material, process and status.

Dependability – Integrity: The foundation of our conduct, adherence for all situations, safeguarding all.

Creating the Future –I Innovation:  Creating powertrain performance solutions to meet the energy and environmental needs of our community.

Want to know more about our definitions of integrity?  Download here.


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