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Omni Gear, We:

*        Proactively design, develop and manufacturer Omni Gear® power transmissions

*                     Off-Highway; Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Access, Turf, Marine

*                     Automotive; Commercial, SUV, Class 2b through Class 6 Trucking

*        Irrigation; Pivot & Linear Propel, Pumping

*        Collaboratively design, develop and manufacture proprietary powertrain for global OE’s.

*        Are performance biased, environmentally oriented, globally aware.  Passionate.

*        Are committed to leadership in electro-mechanical powertrain. 

*        Partner with innovative engineering teams, creating class leading solutions.

*        Focus on Efficiency, Performance and Endurance.

*        Are Relentless.  Focused.  Flexible


Gears to ISO grade 1/AGMA class 14; carburized, nitrided, through hardened, ground, shaved, honed. 

Machined gearcases; aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber, nodular iron.

Design, manufacture transmissions, integrate electric & hydraulic motors, pair with controllers.  Original Equipment. 

Bespoke transmissions to production runs over 200,000 units per year.


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